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Services of Jonathan T. Deland, M.D. , Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Specialist, International Reputation, Honored by HSS


Dr. Deland has been named to the Best Doctors in America list and the Best Doctors in New York by New York Magazine for the past three years. In addition to his devotion to patient care, he is also an avid researcher committed to advancing the science and techniques to improve surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions. Click on these tabs to learn more about his services.
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MeetDr. Deland

Foot and Ankle Orthopedic SpecialistInternational Reputation, Honored by HSS

Dr. Deland graduated from Harvard Orthopedic Residency program, completed a Harvard Sports Medicine fellowship and did fellowship work in Foot and Ankle at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The Hospital for Special Surgery has recently recognized Dr. Deland for his extraordinary achievement in foot and ankle surgery. An internationally known specialist in foot and ankle repair, Dr. Deland combines considerable experience with innovation.


  • Dr. Deland Patient
    In the past, I have been very active hiking, golfing, swimming, biking, gardening and teaching aerobic classes. I always had flat feet, but they were rarely a problem until my early sixties. When the pain in my left foot became unbearable and I could not walk, I saw Dr. Deland at HSS. He recommended...
    Kay - Redding, CT
  • Dr. Deland Patient

    I should remember the exact date of the "accident" when I laid on the floor with mangled ankles unable to believe my eyes at the extent of the injury having fallen from my own 2 feet but I instead choose to remember that a few years later I have recently registered for a 5K race in my new city of...

    Etrel - Bay Harbor Islands, FL
  • Dr. Deland Patient
    On August 17, 2010 while at my shore house in NJ the pneumonia I had contracted had left my lungs that night and traveled through my body settling in my right foot. The pain was tremendous. After suffering for 4 days I was rushed into the operating room at a local hospital. After 2 weeks and 4 surge...
    Dennis E - New York, NY
  • Dr. Deland Patient
    The quality of healthcare is determined by every person who works in a hospital, and the HSS professional and non-professional staff have been outstanding. From bottom to top, every person I have encountered has brought an exceptional level of intelligence, capability, compassion, and humor to the c...
    Michael - Lake Worth, FL
  • Dr. Deland Patient
    HSS and Dr. Deland's expertise and care have given me my life back! Degenerative arthritis of my ankles had slowly destroyed my active life style over the past 20 years, taking way running, skiing, biking, and by 2014, threatened to stop me from walking more than a short distance without suffering r...
    Samuel - Arundel, ME
Jonathan T. Deland, M.D. , Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Specialist, International Reputation, Honored by HSS

Areas of ExpertiseAnkle Arthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints as a result of degeneration of the smooth cartilage that lines the ends of the bones in a joint. Arthritis in the ankle can occur due to fractures, dislocation, inflammatory disease, or congenital deformity.

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