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Mary Burke's Story

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    I sought out Dr. Jonathan Deland of HSS after I took a nasty fall that resulted in me breaking my instep. I cannot stress enough the level of professionalism that Dr. Jonathan Deland and his staff exhibited. His skill as a surgeon, combined with his compassion, makes him stand heads above the rest. His transparency throughout the entire process alleviated my fears and made me feel that I was cared for every step of the way. After my surgery, he emphasized the importance of listening to his instructions carefully, stating that as long as I followed them closely, I would be fine. I am happy to report that he was correct and that I now experience no pain whatsoever—I’m feeling BETTER than brand new! While I pray that I don’t need his services again anytime soon, I can rest easy knowing that I’m in good hands with Dr. Jonathan Deland. Taking the time to research the right doctor really pays off.

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