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    Dr.Jonathan Deland changed my life. I am a 67 year old construction company owner living in Kennett Square, PA, and was hardly able to walk. At 29, I had an ankle replacement after a debilitating fall. I’ve been in severe pain for years, had several procedures, and opted for a second replacement. After extensive research, I decided the best place for the replacement was Hospital for Special Surgery. Being a unique case, Dr. Deland went to great lengths to obtain my medical history as far back as 1977 when I had my first replacement. Obviously, he was well prepared. He consulted with other members of his team and explained any possible risks and complications. The focus at HSS is to manage your pain level and it was definitely accomplished. I was in HSS for five days and experienced little to no pain. His staff was very professional and extremely attentive. I have the deepest respect for Dr. Deland and praise his ability and dedication.

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