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Michael's Story

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    Total Ankle Replacement

    I was fortunate, 3-4 years ago, to be introduced to Dr. Deland via Dr. Robert Speira [Rheumatologist-NY] I discussed my ankle problem which had come about from many years of degenerative Psoriatic Arthritis. When I had the operation for Total Ankle Replacement [TAR] a year ago, I was in constant pain-sometimes excruciating, had difficulty walking, using stairs etc. My “quality of life’ was significantly affected…Now I can go up and down stairs normally, have not only played golf but went to a PGA tournament and walked constantly for 3-4 hours! Life is great! Dr. Deland, including Kristine and all of the staff at HSS in the Foot and Ankle Group are incredible–patient, professional, thorough…the Best of the Best.

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