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Foot Injury/Condition Bunion

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    We take for granted how important our feet are to our every day existence. Five years ago, I made the decision to have bunionectomies on both feet to ease the constant pain I experienced while walking. One foot healed well, the other never seemed quite right. The bones in my right foot continued to shift out of alignment to the point that the pain while walking was almost unbearable. After investigating who the BEST orthopedic surgeon was for foot problems, several recommendations led me to a consult with Dr. Jonathan Deland, Head of the Foot & Ankle program at HSS.

    I underwent pretty extensive foot surgery to correct my bone alignment early October, 2010. The surgery was exactly as Dr. Deland outlined for me, and the care from all members of the staff was superb. The recovery period was challenging not being mobile, but Dr. Deland and his staff provided excellent post-op support for the next several months. Six months later, I am walking better than I have in years and my foot looks like a new foot! People are shocked when I show them the before and after x-ray pictures. I can't thank Dr. Deland enough. The care I received during my surgical stay at HSS was excellent, your staff is tremendous!

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