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Foot/Ankle Arthritis

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    Arthritis in the base of my big toe joint was causing significant pain and stiffness. Over time it was becoming increasingly harder to bend the toe. The arthritis caused me to roll out on the outside of my foot when walking, impacting my overall gait. My physical activities were decreasing, along with my overall health.

    Surgery with Dr. Deland was to implant a special joint spacer he helped develop to give a joint a new smooth surface. It was a treatment to avoid fusing the joint, the standard treatment. The recovery was much easier than expected. Immediately following surgery I was weight-bearing and the sharp pains were gone. As expected there was some swelling and discomfort, but not pain. Two weeks later I was walking better than I was prior to surgery. Physical therapy helped maximize my range of motion.

    Four or five months following surgery I was back to my normal activities from prior to the arthritis. I have adequate range of motion in my big toe joint to walk normally, wear high heels, and even run, which is something I thought I would never be able to do again. Each day I think about how lucky I am to have met Dr. Deland. His joint spacer has been life-changing.

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