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Ankle Injury/Condition Ankle Instability

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    I arrived at HSS after a few months research and interviews with various orthopedic doctors. I had my doubts if I would be able to ski, hike or even walk in my yard again without pain. I couldn't stand the pain any longer, I finally made the correct choice & came to HSS choosing Dr. Deland. Each person I spoke with was professional, caring and very clear about the whole process involved with a total ankle replacement, which was in June 2014. Leading up to surgery, all the pre-operation procedures was a breeze thanks to all the dedicated nurses, lab technicians, doctors and office support at HSS. My total ankle replacement operation is a total success thanks to the partnership of success with Dr. Deland. Dr. Deland was perfectly clear explaining the whole operation start to finish along with a recovery timeline. The physical therapist, Dr. Deland & I were in constant communication during rehabilitation and I was skiing in November. I am a professional ski instructor who constantly recommends HSS for its excellence and Dr. Deland for ankle and other foot problems. There is no pain, no stiffness just lots of good times in the of life.

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