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Ankle Replacement Forefoot Pain, Metatarsalgia

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    HSS and Dr. Deland's expertise and care have given me my life back! Degenerative arthritis of my ankles had slowly destroyed my active life style over the past 20 years, taking way running, skiing, biking, and by 2014, threatened to stop me from walking more than a short distance without suffering real pain. I chose not to let that happen and found in Dr. Deland one of the few surgeons in the world capable of successfully doing my complicated operation. Did I mention that I had just turned 80 and have a fused left ankle or that the degree of tilt in my right ankle was over 25 degrees?

    After considerable examination and consultation with his team of associates, Dr. Deland gave me a 75% chance of success. My options were threefold: (1) Fuse the right ankle and face a lifetime of "Frankenstein-style" walking for short distances; (2) Amputate my right leg below the knee and learn to wear a prosthesis; or (3) Attempt the total ankle replacement. I chose # 3.

    My operation took place six months ago and now after extensive rehab and PT, I am now back in the gym and able to walk without pain for 5-6 miles at a time. I had zero - 0 - pain during or after the operation (I never needed Percocet or Vicodin at all) and am planning to walk both the 100 miles of the Cotswold Way in England this July and return to the Camino de Santiago in Spain this fall to complete another 200 miles of my pilgrimage there. I have my life back and truly feel "back in the game!"

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