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Ankle Injury/Condition Ankle Distraction, Ankle Fusion, Ankle Replacement, Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

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    On August 17, 2010 while at my shore house in NJ the pneumonia I had contracted had left my lungs that night and traveled through my body settling in my right foot. The pain was tremendous. After suffering for 4 days I was rushed into the operating room at a local hospital. After 2 weeks and 4 surgeries during my hospitalization to flush out the infection and stabilize me I was sent home where I continued antibiotic injections for the next month. Once I was put on oral medication I was able to return to my NYC home and see my primary care doctor. After being referred to several physicians it was not understood why I was not recovering as expected. Finally my doctor was able to secure an appointment with an HSS foot and ankle surgeon who immediately understood my condition and after several procedures including a subtalar fusion to treat my condition I was referred to Dr. Fragomen for an ankle distraction procedure. My condition continued to decline to the point that a total ankle fusion seemed to be my only option. After learning of Dr. Deland's work with Zimmer, on the new improved the Zimmer Total Ankle Device, he referred me to him to see if I was a candidate for TAR. After ordering an MRI, CT Scan, X-Rays and a Bone Biopsy by Dr. Deland it was determined that I had no lingering infection in my bone I was cleared for surgery. On 12/08/14 the operation was performed and after a 6 month recovery and Physical Therapy with Bob Turner at HSS I was able to walk down to my beach, without a cane and in no pain, carrying my surf pole and tackle to cast out for a Striped Bass at the waters edge for the first time in almost 5 years! Dr. Deland gave me my life back and I hope this story inspires others to seek the excellent care at HSS for it and their doctors truly are special and will get you "Back In The Game"!

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