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Ankle Injury/Condition

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    I should remember the exact date of the "accident" when I laid on the floor with mangled ankles unable to believe my eyes at the extent of the injury having fallen from my own 2 feet but I instead choose to remember that a few years later I have recently registered for a 5K race in my new city of residence when I wasn't sure at that moment that I would even walk again.

    I am a marathon runner for the past 20 years and that has defined me for many reasons, so not running was going to be much more than just a life style change or adjustment in my life. I put in the physical therapy work, kept the faith and believed that I would run again. Of course, I was very fortunate that Dr. Deland was recommended to me and that he agreed to take my case. A good Dr. is essential as is the right hospital!! I cannot say enough good things about Hospital for Special Surgery - every single hospital in the world should be run this way!! Excellence, compassion, service, respect for patient, interdisciplinary assistance, the best support from all staff and surprisingly good food - how can one not get better?? I am grateful but no words can express that gratitude - all my future races and my next marathon are all in honor of both my Doctor and the hospital that did so much to get me back in the game!

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